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Summer Scheme 2018 Photo Gallery

Week 1 - 2018 - Climbing

Week 2 - 2018 - Dodgeball

Week 3 - 2018 - Swimming

Week 4 - 2018 - Team Games

Junior Leader Programme

The Together: Building United Communities (T:BUC) Junior Leadership Programme is an exciting new opportunity for Young People aged 14 – 17 to be part of Queen’s Sport. The Junior Leaders assist activity and team leaders to deliver activities and coaching for children aged 6 – 13 who attend Queen’s Sport’s annual summer scheme.

As part of the T:BUC programme, workshops are delivered to the Junior Leaders focusing on good relations. We aim to create positive attitudinal change, developing an appreciation of and learning about cultural difference and diversity, and the development of new friendships between young people from different backgrounds. The Junior Leaders achieve a recognised sports leadership qualification and are provided with expert training from Queen’s Sport staff.

The T:BUC programme allows the Junior Leaders to take part in and deliver a wide range of sporting activities, boosting their interpersonal skills, future opportunities, health and friendships.

Junior Leader Photos